From the NFAA Representative

Attention Archers!

We need your help with an issue that is becoming a problem for us - sky-drawing. We had another shooter get shot at Redding this year. Luckily the arrow went through his pants and destroyed his phone, and did not go through his leg. We need help spreading the word that sky-drawing is an unacceptable way to draw your bow. The definition of sky-drawing is when your bow hand is over your head. We really do not want your bow hand close to being as high as the top of your head. Some archers do not realize that they are sky-drawing. We want to spread the word in a constructive manner so that archers are aware of the dangers of sky-drawing. The arrow in Redding traveled across two ranges before it landed. We need to make sure that when we are drawing and firing, we are doing so in a safe manner, and that we see where our arrow is going to land. If you have any thoughts or ideas how we can work on eliminating this behavior, please let a member of the Executive Committee know. We appreciate your help in this matter.

I look forward to seeing you at the Target and Field Tournaments!

Sheri Stine-Trujillo

NFAA Representative