From NFAA Representative

2015 Annual Meeting proposals:
Should Master Senior shooting styles be changed to only Freestyle, Freestyle Limited and BareBow? Failed
Should the State or Club determine if Traditional archers shoot at youth distances? Passed
Should the definition of Longbow be: A 1 or2 piece straight ended bow of any material. When the bow is braced, the string must not touch the limbs between the notches on the limb. Passed as amended –A one, two or three piece straight ended bow constructed of wood or laminated wood with non-adjustable limbs. When the bow is braced, the string must not touch the limbs between the notches on the limb.
If an archer cannot accept their National award, should they be responsible for having the award picked up by someone else, or incur the cost of shipping the award from NFAA headquarters to themselves? Failed – All awards are shipped now, with the archer’s name.
At Outdoor Nationals, shall the Pro Division only shoot for score the last 3 days of the event? Currently the rule reads … 3 days of the event, with the animal round to be held on the final day of the event? Failed
Shall the X ring be scored a point for all shooters for the Field and Hunter rounds? Currently this is for Pro’s only. No Action
Should FSL and FSLR be removed from the Pro Division? Failed
Shall the policy be deleted that states when the NFAA hosts any Championship tournament, only NFAA rules and styles will be recognized? This would make it easier to host IFAA events simultaneously with the NFAA. No Action
Shall both the written word and the intent be used to interpret Constitution By- Laws and Policy items? No Action
Shall Competitive Bowhunter, BHFS and BHFSL be required to have screw in points only? Failed
Shall members be allowed to join as many States (organizations) as accept them, AND then compete in these Sectional and State Championships for Championship awards? Failed

Shall jeans be allowed in the Pro division for outdoor tournaments only, and shall the color limitations for slacks, shorts and skirts be removed? Passed as amended: Jeans or denim of any color will not be allowed during any competition. Professional archers shall wear slacks, shorts or skirts. Shorts ad skirts can be no shorter than two inches above the knee. The waist of the attire must not fall below the waistline. Shirts/tops shall be of a collared design. Archers may also wear uniforms provided by sponsors. Shirts must have a standard collar, Henley collar or mock collar. T-shirts, swimming suits, cut-off’s and obscene or vulgar slogans or pictures on clothing are prohibited. No camouflage clothing is allowed.
Shall a Pro who wishes to return to a non-professional division be required to wait until the expiration of their Pro membership? Failed
Shall Silver Senior be added to the Pro division? Failed
Shall the extra point for the X, (in the field and hunter round) be removed, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ties will be a shoot off? X-s will be used as tie breakers in all other places. Failed

From the Tournament Director

The Target Tournament will be held in Eagle at the Brush Creek Pavilion on June 20 and 21. The flyer with the map is on the Schedule of Events tab. Pre-Registration is requested (but not required) to enble us to be ready to start on time. Please send your information to: See you there!

From the Vice President

It's that time again for election of officers. I will have nomination forms at the Target and Field Tournaments. All nomination forms must be signed by the nominee as acceptance of the nomination. Any member may be nominated provided they have been a member of the CSAA/NFAA for at least one year. The final date to turn in your nominations is Sunday at the Field Tournament, July 19. Offices up for election are: President, Tournament Director, Publicity Director/Webmaster and Pro Representative.

Thanks to everyone, we have a wonderful sport and a great group of archers! I look forward to seeing all of you at the Target Tournament in June.