From the NFAA Representative:

Meeting called to order at 5:35 pm Directors from CA, AZ, NM, and Alternate from Nevada (voted to be allowed to represent)

AZ brought up the fact that clubs need to held accountable for not providing certain amenities at the shoots, here in AZ there was not enough water on the range (temps reaching 105) and they did not have food for lunch. Frank and Becky Pearson had to at the last minute find something for lunch (hot dogs, chips and water. I informed them that I would make sure the sectional contracts have some sort of wording that will hold them responsible for such things.

CA talked about the take down Longbow and explained his states problem with the way the item is now written, he has talked to Bruce and is seeking a mail in vote by the Directors, I informed him that at the present time the Council is reviewing the next version of the C&B to get it ready for publication. But after having a spilt vote on this issue he has decided to not go forth with the mail in vote and wait to see if someone wants to bring up and agenda item at the next Directors meeting.

AZ and CA wants the 2:00 min time in Vegas changed back to 2:30, as it is hard for some shooters to get their shots off and it did not save any real time as they could tell. Also why did the Council make this change? and what was the logic behind the decision.

AZ brought up the fact that SKY drawing is out of control and it seems that some of the Top Pros are the biggest violators and they are claiming that this is the way they set their Bow shoulder. we need to put some real teeth into this rule.

AZ stated that in the past Shooters of the year had problems getting their awards, Becky never did get her award from a couple of years ago. On the same note when the President gives out the "Presidents Award" that award should be on site.

AZ also brought up the concern that HQ folks have used the excuse for not getting things done "of having to get ready for another Major Tournament" it seems that time management is not being practiced in Yankton.

CA wants to make sure Darrington gets their normal rotation for Nationals and is not skipped over, the area needs the support after the landslide.

We all discussed the low participation at our Sectional and even brought up the idea of a marked 3D, but it did not get any further so the idea was put to rest.

I brought up the issue of Directors not showing up for our meetings (outdoor sectional) unless it is in their state or very close and have decided to send all of the States Presidents a letter explaining the importance of this meeting to all of the members of the state and section. CA only asked that no names be used in the letter.