From the Secretary/Treasurer:

The CSAA annual business meeting will be held November 8 beginning 12:00. The banquet will start at 4:00pm with awards following. NEW LOCATION: The Brush Creek Pavillion Building, 909 Capitol Street, Eagle. Please send me your delegates (up to 2 per club) by October 26.
Banquet cost for adults is $15.00 and children 10 years old and under is $10.00. Please RSVP by November 5.

From the Bowhunting Director:

Send me your pictures and the application for your CSAA Big Game Award. See the photo page for some of our successful hunters.
You may download the big game application here.
Big Game Award Application Click Here

From the Publicity Director:

I am sure you have all received your ballots and returned them to Jeff McQuire, VP. Your vote is counted if returned by the postmark date and insures the candidate of your choice is elected to office. Remember, these are volunteer offices and once elected, your officers deserve your attention and respect.

The annual business meeting will be coming up the first of November. Your club will be receiving the agenda packet soon. The CSAA Board of Directors is made up of clubs within our state that have chartered with the CSAA/NFAA. It only takes five (5) heads of household who are CSAA/NFAA members, a Constitution and By-Laws document and $50 to charter with the CSAA. Contact Lisa Tenbrook for the Club application. All 3 pages need to be completed and returned to her. The Board of Directors is the avenue to make changes to CSAA Constitution and By-Law.

The complete Constitution and By-Laws can be accessed from the home page. Scroll to the bottom and download the PDF. Read it. Study it. Absorb it. Find something you would like to address? Review Article 11 under the Constitution section. It gives you the specific instructions for submitting an agenda item.

I will be working on the October issue of the Flying Arrow later this month. Send me your hunting pictures and stories. This is the issue to share your success. Send them to - I look forward to hearing from you.