Buying Guide for Tag Heuer Watches

The Tag Heuer watch company group is one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world.  If you’re considering buying a watch and a great one at that, Tag Heuer would be a great watch to keep in your collection.  You can have a piece of history and a timeless master craft without breaking your bank.

Here are four absolute essential things you need to know before buying a Tag Heuer watch.

Look Out For Six Features

Tag Heuer started implementing six unique features on all of their watches since 1990. These unique features or selling points made Tag Heuer a huge brand in all parts of the world.

Tag Heuer watches are water proof. They also introduced the concept of screw crown in their watches. Sapphire crystal and unidirectional bezel were used in early Tag Heuer watches, and they helped the Swiss watchmaker company to earn a huge name and respect for their brand.

What About Automatic chronograph

All Carerra series Tag Heuer watches use automatic chronograph with calibre 16. This means by wearing it on your wrist; you can automatically wind it up.

However, if you’ve not worn the watch for few days, then you might lose time. So basically, you’ve to wear it all the time or manually wind it up. You can also use a watch winder to keep it when not being in use.

The crown can be used to change the date and time. One critical thing you ought to know is that the watch is not waterproof if the crown is in the up position. You’ve to push it down and lock it to make it water proof.

Stopwatch and tachometer functionality

You can start and stop the stopwatch by pressing the top button. If you need to remove all the timings settings then, you will have to press the down button.

All Tag Heuer come with tachometer feature. You can use this feature to calculate the average speed of a car. The minute hand shows the average speed for the car.

Most of the newer generation watches deploy push button feature for clasp deployment. You can close the clasp by folding it and clicking it.

Check Out The Smart Features

Recently, Tag Heuer launched their smartwatch named Tag Heuer connected. The blue background gives it a unique look and feel. You can also select your custom colour.  Here is a video to see how it works.

The Tag Heuer connected is made up of titanium materials. It also comes with a digital crown, 1gb of ram and 4GB of storage. You can connect it with lots of Google and play store apps.

Many fake Tag Heuer products are circulating in the market. So, make sure to buy it from an authorised showroom.

The Making of a Luxury Watch

Buying a luxury watch is like buying a piece of art you get to wear everyday.  Luxury watches have superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that you just don’t see on a run of the mill watch.  Here are a couple of things that make a luxury watch a unique piece of art.

Brand signature

All luxury watches are designed using customized elements. Part of the customization process involves the inclusion of a brand signature. This signature is usually displayed in four major areas of the watch. You can have it displayed on the face of the watch or on the crown.

In other luxury watches, you have the logo on the closure of the bracelet or on the caseback. You should look at how the signature is displayed. Additionally, most of the luxury watches have the graphics and signature done in relief.


A luxury watch must be professionally decorated to make it elegant. Some of the decorations might be hidden, for instance in the movement. On other watches, these decorations might be overtly displayed. You should not expect that all the decorations be complicated.

The decorations can be in form of a special finish, applied stones, a textured dial or even a flamboyant bracelet. You need to be attentive because these are the elements that make the luxury watches unique and special.


Luxury watches are robust and solid. You need to look for one that has a bracelet that fits well. Make sure you check that the watch is made from original material. For example, if you want a diamond luxury watch, confirm that the material is original diamond. Check the entire case is made from one piece of material.

The watch should also be of the right weight. There are some that are light in weight, while others have heavy construction. Luxury watches that are light in weight are usually made of titanium, while some of the heavy ones are made of diamond or gold.


Another key quality of luxury watches is that they have what is known as complications. You need to look for one with wide range of features integrated together. These complications enhance the accuracy of the watches and make their movement more interesting as they operate.

Some of the complications you should look for include: sonneries, perpetual calendars, moon phases, several time zones, 24 hour dials and rattrapante chronographs.